100 Donors in 90 Days

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You can get 100 new donors.

Here's how.

We’ve created a system that takes the guesswork out of finding donors. It’s perhaps the fastest and simplest way to finding new donors you’ve ever come across.

“We’ve brought in 213 new donors.
I found 100 Donors in 90 Days incredible!”

~ Chelsea McIntyre, Fund Development Associate
Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation

Here’s what’s in this donor-getting system.

You'll get twelve expert interviews and action guides. These will walk you through the strategies and steps to take over the next 90 days to bring in 100 new donors. We’ve made it as simple as possible for you with actual step by step instructions.

Raise more money faster.

The action guides and instructions will save you time, so you'll be able to accomplish more in less time.

Here are the twelve fundraising experts who came together to create the “100 Donors in 90 Days” system for you. No doubt you will recognize many of their names. These folks will be helping you find new donors:

Tom Ahern Gail Perry Ken Burnett Amy Eisenstein
Andrea Kihlstedt John Haydon Kerri Tilby David Mersky
Shanon Doolittle Pamela Grow Mazarine Treyz Marc A. Pitman
Each of these experts will guide you for a week. 12 experts = 12 weeks. You'll learn their best and most effective strategies as they lead you down the path to getting new donors.

Here’s how it works.

Listen to each week’s interview and learn about the strategies and steps you can take that week. Use the worksheets and action guides to walk you through exactly what to do that week.

“We’ve been able to bring in
over 180 new donors since starting this program.”
Ben Meyaard ~ Director of Camper Support,
Camp Tecumseh YMCA

If your organization depends on philanthropic support, I suggest you check out “100 Donors in 90 Days”. We’ve tried to make it ridiculously easy to find new donors.

With the expert interviews, you’ll learn about different donor getting strategies. The Action Guides lay out the steps in a very simple and straightforward way to help you get the biggest return on investment for your time and money. And this system is designed so you can work at your own pace.

“My time is so squeezed, this was a godsend.
I love having the CDs to listen to on my time schedule.”
Pam Montgomery ~ Executive Director,
Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

No more waiting for an upcoming webinar or expensive conference. Let us help you start finding your next 100 donors today.

Donors appear in 30 Days or less – guaranteed

We have a 30 Day, “Give it a Try” no risk guarantee. You should start finding new donors in the first 30 days of this program. If not, let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

So, if you’d like a guaranteed way to bring in 100 new donors in the next 90 days, go ahead and get your copy today.

Click the “Buy” button below.

Online Version $99 Includes digital versions of the 12 printed Action Guides and the 12 expert interviews. This is an all digital version of 100 Donors in 90 Days. 


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