Booklets - Nonprofit Storytelling 3 Book Series

Get all 3 books for 1 great price.

You'll get each of these books:

  • Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members
  • The Nonprofit Storytelling Field Guide & Journal
  • Interviewing for Impact

You'll learn how to find, capture, and tell the most effective stories to engage your community.

In these book, you'll learn:

  • Three types of stories to tell
  • The four building blocks of a powerful story
  • Seven story triggers to keep their listener captivated by the story
  • Three phrases to engage anybody
  • How to structure a story for maximum effectiveness

  • How to find great stories
  • What types of details to include in their stories
  • 3 key areas to focus on
  • The ONE thing your interviewee's story must have
  • How to set up the Interview
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • The 4 types of questions to ask
  • Two specific ways to get a better interview
  • What you should bring to the interview
  • Tips and Tricks for getting deeper and more emotional answers from your interviewee

You'll also get a list of over 30 sample questions you can use to start generating your own interview questions.

Get these books to help yourself, or get a 10 pack of each book and give them to your staff members so they can start collecting, and telling powerful fundraising stories for you.

Get each book for only $5 when you buy a 10 pack of each book (30 books in total).  Choose "10 Pack of Each Book" in the options above.

Get yours now.



AUTHOR: Christopher Davenport
Book sizes: 3.5" x 5", 32 pages per book


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