Booklet - Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members

Do your board members inspire others to give?

Your board members know why they are involved in your organization, but can they inspire others to be involved? 

They can with stories!

When your board members are comfortable telling stories, good things happen. You raise more money, and more people become engaged with your organization.  But how do you get your board members to joyfully tell stories in the community?

“Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members” is a small book that is designed to help board members tell better stories, and get them comfortable telling them in your community.

Board members will learn:

1. three types of stories they need to tell

2. the four building blocks of a powerful story
3. seven story triggers to keep their listener captivated by the story

4. three phrases to engage anybody

5. how to structure a story for maximum effectiveness

6. how to find great stories

7. what types of details to include in their stories

8. There is also a section with exercises to help your board members easily craft their own stories

You could easily read the book during a board meeting or assign it as fun homework for your board members.

Here's the Table of Contents:

1. The Power of Stories (and a common trap)
2. Three Stories You Need to Tell
3. Two Questions You Should Ask
4. The 4 C's of Storytelling
5. Details to Include
6. Emotions vs. Facts & Data
7. Story Structure
8. Story Structure Diagram
9. Seven Story Triggers
10. When & How to Use Props
11. Three Phrases to Engage Your Audience
12. When to Tell Your Story
13. Finding Great Stories
14. Owning the Story
15. Crafting Your Story
16. Ten Rules to Remember

Unlike most other books that are big and take a while to read, this book is small enough to fit in your back pocket. It’s small and fun to read.

So start telling better stories that will help you and your board members engage and motivate people in your community to support your organization.  Get your book today.

Here's what folks are saying about the book:

“The storytelling principles are clear, concise and immediately applicable. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to tell a story in a way that really moves people.”

- Dr. Steve Richards, Director of Development – Warm Beach Senior Community

“WOW, what an important resource for me.  There are specific building blocks and techniques for designing “storytelling” or any communication.  It’s a great book!”

- Nancy Rohde,  Clallam County Pro Bono Lawyers


A terrific tool, both for board members, and for me!”

- Michelle Coleman, Hearing Speech & Deafness Center

“A jewel of a little book”

- Pam Montgomery, Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

“Just read your storytelling book. Lovely size and shape. Excellent content.”

- Andrea Kihlstedt, Asking Matters

Would you like to tell stories that motivate people to take action?

Then pick up a copy of this book and join the thousands of other folks who are learning to tell more compelling stories.

AUTHOR: Christopher Davenport
Book size: 3.5" x 5", 32 pages

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