Book - The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks

The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks and the Answers All Donors Crave (Revised Edition)
How You Can Inspire Someone to Give Generously

by Harvey McKinnon, 115 pp.


There is one secret to securing a gift.

And here’s the Holy Grail:

Anticipate the questions your would-be donor is almost sure to ask, and have solid answers at the ready.

Do that and the gift is yours.

Through research and interviews, Harvey McKinnon has identified the 11 questions you can expect, and the type of answers donors find most satisfying.

This is successful fundraising stripped to its glorious, revenue-producing essence.

Table of Contents


  1. “Why me?”                           
  2. “Why are you asking me?”                        
  3. “Do I respect you?”                       
  4. “How much do you want?”        
  5. “Why your organization?”        
  6. “Will my gift make a difference?”           
  7. “Is there an urgent reason to give?           
  8. “Is it easy to give?”                           
  9. “How will I be treated?”                             
  10. “Will I have a say over how you use my gift?”
  11. “How will you measure results?”                        

A Note from Jerold Panas
Appendix A. Fundraising Questions I’m Most Often Asked
Appendix B. Ten Questions Every Board Member Should Ask about Fundraising

Make fundraising easier for yourself.  Buy this book today.

About the Author

Harvey McKinnon, who is one of North America’s leading fundraising experts, runs the Vancouver/Toronto based fundraising consultancy, Harvey McKinnon Associates (HMA). He trains and delivers keynotes around the world.

HMA works with clients in many countries, ranging from children’s causes to environmental groups to Hospitals. McKinnon has served on many boards over the years, and lives with his family in Vancouver, Canada.

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