Nonprofit Storytelling Conference 2015 - Alumni Special


WHEN: November 12-13, 2015

WHERE: Hyatt at Olive 8, Seattle, WA

Welcome back to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

The 2015 conference​ brings back some old friends and will also introduce you to some new friends who will help you along the storytelling journey.

Marc Pitman will return as the lovable MC.​ And the other folks who will be returning are:

  • Tom Ahern
  • Jeff Brooks
  • Vanessa Chase
  • Peter Drury
  • Beth Ann Locke
  • Shanon Doolittle
  • Christopher Davenport

And a couple of the new folks you’ll meet are:

  • Leah Eustace
  • Tammy Zonker​
  • and a couple of other special speakers

One new addition to the schedule is "Movie Night with Christopher Davenport".

On Thursday, Nov. 12th, we'll all gather in a nearby movie theater, eat popcorn, and watch a special feature film (it's a surprise).  After the movie ends, Chris will take us behind the scenes of the movie. He'll show us how to harness the secrets of emotional Hollywood storytelling...and how you can apply them to your own storytelling. 

This is going to be a truly fun night!

Of course we'll also bring you brand new content, case studies, and more individual attention to help you raise more money.

So if you're planning on coming again this year, I'd suggest buying a ticket soon.  And just like last year, you'll get videos of all the presentations at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Get your ticket below.​

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