Book - Ask Without Fear!

Ask Without Fear:
A simple guide to connecting donors with what matters to them most

by Marc A. Pitman, 91 pp.


Are your board members finding new donors?

If that's not your reality, international fundraising trainer Marc A. Pitman's "Ask Without Fear!" is for you!

In this fun, easy-to-read book, he:

  • Explains in a step-by-step, easy to remember process how to build authentic relationships with your donors -- and help them connect with your cause in the way that matters most to them!
  • Identifies time-tested research tools to help you plan your fundraising campaign!
  • Exposes the 7 most common fundraising mistakes -- and how to avoid them!
  • Shows how to become skilled at indentifying a person's personality traits and tailoring your message to fit their personality -- even on the fly!

Perfect for nonprofit employees and board members, Ask Without Fear! helps you move your fundraising from a static, one-way, organization-centered monologue to a dynamic, donor-centered, two-way dialogue.

Get the companion set of videos and have Marc walk you and your board through the Ask Without Fear training.

This book gives you the tools to raise serious money for your favorite cause!

Buy this book today.

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