Booklet - The Golden Appeal - 10 Pack

If you’ve ever thought that your organization could be raising more money with your appeals and e-appeals, you’re right.  This book shows you how! 

You’ll want to keep The Golden Appeal on your desk – next to your keyboard – when you write so you have at your fingertips:

  • the recipe for a Golden Appeal
  • instructions for putting the right ingredients in the right order
  • a checklist so you can make sure your appeal follows the recipe

Once you’ve written your appeal, the book makes it easy for you to know instantly if you’ve added ingredients to your appeal that will hurt your fundraising.

Trust the recipe, it works!

Buy a 10-pack so you can give a book to your staff and board so they can better understand why Golden Appeals raise the most money. 

Written by Steven Screen, Joshua Alcorn and Chris Davenport

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