Donors: Get More Keep More

  • Do you want more donors? 

    We've made it easier than ever to find and retain donors for your organization.

    Here's how.

    We've created the most comprehensive "donor getting" and "donor keeping" system available.

    For the first time, you can now get the best selling "100 Donors in 90 Days" and the "Donor Retention Project" in the same package.

    You'll be guided step by step to finding 100 donors over the next 90 days.  You'll also discover the strategies and steps you'll need for retaining donors over a lifetime.

    Designed to save you time.

    You'll save time whether you are a small one person development shop or a large shop. With each of the action guides provided for you, you will know exactly what to do each week. You can start immediately finding new donors and building better relationships with your donors, so they stay with you longer.

    So, if you are looking to find more donors, retain donors longer, and save yourself time in the process, then pick up your copy of the "Donors: Get More Keep More" package.

    Immediate online access to all the resources and action guides.

    Buy either the physical version or the online only version and get instant access to a members area that contains all the resources and action guides. So you could literally be on your way to finding and retaining more donors in the next 60 seconds.

    Try it risk free.

    If within 30 days you don't start seeing new donors to your organization, return the materials for a complete refund.  No questions asked. And if you get the online only version, there's nothing to return. So it's completely risk free and hassle free for you.

    BONUS: Get a free "Donor Map". Order today and get this free donor map.  You'll find it online in your "100 Donors in 90 Days" membership area.

    BONUS #2: You'll get the video series:  "3 Ways to Raise More Money from Donors". These will be in your members area under the Bonus Videos section.  You can start watching them immediately after you purchase this special.

    So if you want more donors, and want to retain your donors for life, then click the add to cart button at the top of the page.
  • The "Get More Donors" part of this package consists of the best selling "100 Donors in 90 Days" system.

    100 Donors in 90 Days is a system that takes the guesswork out of finding donors. It’s perhaps the fastest and simplest way to finding new donors you’ve ever come across.

    Here’s how it works.

    You'll get twelve interviews and action guides that walk you through the strategies and steps you can take over the next 90 days. Use the worksheets and action guides to walk you through exactly what to do each week. We’ve made it as simple as possible for you with actual step by step instructions.

    Here’s what’s in this donor-getting system.

    Twelve fundraising experts have come together to create the “100 Donors in 90 Days” system for you. No doubt you will recognize many of their names. Here’s who will be helping you find new donors:

    Tom Ahern
    Gail Perry
    Ken Burnett
    Amy Eisenstein
    John Haydon
    Kerri Tilby
    Andrea Kihlstedt
    David Mersky
    Shanon Doolittle
    Mazarine Treyz
    Pamela Grow
    Marc A. Pitman

    Each of these experts will guide you for a week. 12 experts = 12 weeks. They will lead you down the path to getting new donors.

    Listen to each week’s interview and learn about the strategies and steps you can take that week. Use the worksheets and action guides to walk you through exactly what to do that week. We’ve made it as simple as possible for you with actual step by step instructions.

    If your organization depends on philanthropic support, I suggest you check out “100 Donors in 90 Days”. We’ve tried to make it ridiculously easy to find new donors. With the expert interviews, you’ll learn about different donor getting strategies. And the Action Guides lay out the steps in a very simple and straightforward way to help you get the biggest return on investment for your time and money. And this system is designed so you can work at your own pace.

    No more waiting for an upcoming webinar or expensive conference. Let us help you today, in finding the next 100 donors for your organization.

    Format: ALL DIGITAL.  Everything is online.  You can download all the files to your computer.
  • The Keep More Donors part of this system is made up of the "Donor Retention Project".

    For the first time ever, leading donor retention experts have come together to provide you with a plan that helps you retain your donors and gets you larger gifts at the same time. Just imagine what retaining your donors and getting larger gifts will do to your cashflow.

    Four of these leading donor retention experts are:

    Adrian Sargeant – world leading donor retention researcher and expert
    Simone P. Joyaux – she co-authored the book “Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications & Stronger Relationships”
    Lisa Sargent – Perhaps the world’s foremost expert on the Do’s and Don’ts of writing “Thank You” letters
    Roger Craver – Co-founded “DonorVoice” specializing in researching donor retention

    These four experts, along with eight others will show you how to easily retain your donors, even if you are a small nonprofit.

    You’ll learn how to:

    Get inside the mind of your donor
    Increase donors gifts by 500%
    Build regular commitment from your donors
    Write “Thank You” letters that build deeper relationships and make donors want to give to you again and again
    Find your donor’s emotional triggers
    Get buy-in from your board and CEO to steward donors more regularly
    Create stewardship events that are incredibly persuasive, fun, easy, and cheap to put on
    Bring quality donors into your organization
    Steward foundations to get more grants
    Build stronger relationships with donors through social media
    Discover when to communicate with your donors and when not to
    Ask donors better questions (a list is included)
    Create giving opportunities that are fun for donors
    and so much more…

    What you’re going to learn is based on science and actual donor behavior.

    This is NOT some feel good pep talk on donor relationships. And you will learn how to retain your donors at your own pace, and in the comfort of your office, car, or home.  You don’t have to travel to an expensive conference, or block out time on your calendar for a webinar.

    We’ve created a system that is designed to help get you larger gifts and retain your donors for life - all in the next 90 days.

    It’s the most comprehensive set of donor retention strategies, techniques, templates, expert interviews, and step-by-step instructions ever assembled.  You can listen to the interviews on your computer, on your iPod or other mp3 device.  All the step-by-step instructions and templates are ready for you.

    The “Donor Retention Project” puts innovative ways to deepen donor relationships in your hands. Consider this your organization’s bible of stewardship.

    Here’s who will be helping you to retain your donors:

    Adrian Sargeant
    Gail Perry
    Jonathon Grapsas
    Marc Pitman
    Simone P. Joyaux
    Lisa Sargent
    John Lepp
    Pamela Grow
    Roger Craver
    Ian Adair
    Shanon Doolittle
    Dan Blakemore

    You’ll be amazed at what they have to share you. For instance:

    Jonathon Grapsas reveals a technique that’s the next best thing to reading your donor’s mind.

    Shanon Doolittle will take you on a journey to discover how you can use “mission moments” to build stronger relationships with donors.

    Ian Adair will guide you through the steps you need to take to retain your millennial donors

    Gail Perry shows you the easiest way to raise money is to get your current donors to renew their commitment to you organization. How do you get them to do that with ease?  Gail walks you through one of the most foolproof but under utilized ways. It’s HIGHLY effective and you can start to implement it right away.

    You’ll hear real life examples of world class stewardship and you’ll learn how to use donor retention to ignite generational giving.

    They’ll share innovative ways to connect with donors and reveal unique ways to show the impact of your donor’s gift.

    Each of these experts will guide you for a week.  12 experts = 12 weeks.  Guiding you step-by-step down the path to retaining your donors for life.

    Here’s how it works.

    Each week listen to that week’s interview and learn about the donor retention strategies, follow the steps, and use the templates provided in the Action Guides.  We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you.

    After you’ve gone through “The Donor Retention Project”, you’ll know more about donor retention, and how to keep your donors, than most nonprofit organizations.  If you apply what you’ll be learning, you will get that coveted second gift, and a third, and a fourth…

    You’ll rise above the average and create a much stronger stream of income for your organization than you previously thought possible.

    And here’s the kicker.  

    You will have much more fun stewarding donors than you probably had trying to find new donors to replace the donors you’ve been losing.

    The “Donor Retention Project” is built around the best donor retention research and strategies in the industry.  This research, along with the strategies and done for you templates will improve your donor retention rates and bring in larger gifts to your organization.

    Format: ALL DIGITAL
  • “I found 100 Donors in 90 Days incredible! It helped me think more donor-centrically, and gathered all of the information from industry experts in one place. We’ve brought in 213 new donors; which is awesome, since we’re a small rural hospital! I’m going to refer back to these videos and workbooks for years to come.”
    Chelsea McIntyre (Dunn)
    Fund Development Associate, Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

    “Each week offered a new and challenging perspective or idea. I work for a busy summer camp, and was unable to keep up with each week in real-time. However, I am looking forward to going back through each presentation in depth this fall… even with my limited level of involvement we’ve been able to bring in over 180 new donors since starting this program.”
    Ben Meyaard
    Director of Camper Support, Camp Tecumseh YMCA

    “It can be lonely at the top. This program is a partner. It was very easy, and after 90 days, I felt I had a PHD in fundraising! ”
    Lyndi Brown
    Development Director

    “I liked the step by step instructions. That made finding donors much easier. The simple steps and tools were especially helpful when training board members and volunteers. ”
    Helen Sommer
    Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads, Inc.

    “The program was great! It helped me structure how to present our organization to current and future donors. There were great tips to help me speak with new donors as well. The action guides were extremely helpful to get my thoughts in order and to help remind me how to present to new donors. So far we’ve been able to bring in 34 new donors, but I know we’ll keep getting more!”
    Julia Bohnet
    Development Manager – Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County

    “Thank you for putting the series together in a concise and easily reviewable format. The series provided us the elements of a strategy to find new donors that is easily understood. I loved the weekly attention to another tactical element of the development process. We will continue to utilize the materials as we push forward with our development.”
    Hilanne Myers
    Heroes on the Water – Executive Director

    “My time is so squeezed, this was a godsend. I love having the CDs to listen to on my time schedule. The Mersky CD should be required for BOARDS as well as development staff to listen to I am now on my second time through listening to all the expert interviews — they have replaced the radio and audiobooks in my car. We’ve been working hard on donor retention and not so much on new donors — the CDs are full of great information for that aspect of donor stewardship as well. I have learned (and re-learned) a lot! ”
    Pam Montgomery
    Executive Director, Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

    “I’m a board member at my children’s school. I shared many insights that I picked up from the 100 donors in 90 days program with our Director of Development. We are in the midst of launching a new Annual Fund effort and it now includes several key aspects that I learned from this program. Thanks for the powerful ideas.”
    Chris Fleischner
    Vice President, Cal/West Educators Placement

    “I wish I had this material 8 years ago. Before I obtained the 100 donors, I felt overwhelmed about fundraising, not really knowing where to start except for a newsletter. With your 100 days material, fundraising isn’t such an overwhelming idea, it takes organization and planning on a consistent basis to carry it out. I am eligible to retire very soon and am considering a position in fundraising thanks to resources like yours.
    I am a full time pastor that is planning to help two non-profits with fundraising. The 100 donors material is my plan thanks to you and your colleagues! I think it’s laid out very logically where a novice like myself can understand it and follow the very practical steps to raise funds. It’s comprehensive and it takes fear out of fundraising. I hope you will continue to offer products to help people progress in this endeavor.”
    Richard Turner

    “We did not use the course to guide our work over 90 days. Instead we have used the course to identify fundraising elements that our current efforts lack or do imperfectly. We have used the course to revise both our fundraising approach and our schedule for the year. “100 Donors” is very practical with specific steps to take to implement specific practices. The chapters that were most useful to us were: Week 1 on building a case. (We’re in the pre-planning, anticipation stage of a capital campaign, and this chapter has been useful as we sketch our case.) Weeks 2 & 7 on reengaging donors. (We’re planning a lapsed donor appeal for later this fiscal year, using this material.) Week 9, especially the segments on donor profiling and donor surveys, both of which have been incorporated into our fundraising plan for the year. The course is full of good ideas and good recommendations on how to implement them.”
    James May
    Director of Development, The Elizabeth Stone House

    “Being a small non-profit, I have had to go through “100 Donors” slower than the 90 days. I am working my way through and am finding the information useful. I have brought in several new donors. The information is rich and valuable.”
    Dustin Ventura
    Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship of South Carolina, Greater Pee Dee Chapter

    “This is a GREAT series. Understandable and relevant. So far we’ve brought in 10 new donors and I know we’ll be bringing in many more. Thanks!”
    Chris Bee
    Museum Director, Monroe Historical Society

    “We are working more creatively with our board of trustees as a result of “100 Donors in 90 Days”. The effect will be seen hopefully soon. Some of the questions we learned to ask ourselves, like: “Why us? Why now? and Why should I care? – now inform all our work. We are having good success focusing on current and lapsed donors. Good suggestions for finding new donors – We’ve brought in 1 large new donor, and several return donors. I am using this as an ongoing teaching tool.”
    Carol Haag
    Stewardship Committee chair, Murray Grove Association

    “I was able to glean some really great ideas. I loved getting the perspective from a different person each week and the action guides to implement what each person talked about.”
    Sharon Robertson
    SNAP Development Manager

    “I think “100 Donors” did more than just find new donors for us. It made us realize new donors have been here, and that there are many more to be introduced to our organization. We now have new donors bringing in new donors. It’s a great chain reaction! I like the fact that I can refer back to the course and particularly the segments I need, when I need them. As we work on different parts of the Development Plan throughout the year, I can refer back to the part of the course I need.”
    Kathleen Kowanic
    Fund Development Manager for the Mental Health Association in Indian River County

    “Ideas for every type of fund raising: one-on-one, direct mail, researching a prospect, first contacts, the “ask”, etc., are presented in a step-by-step, organized way that makes donor contacts much more effective. Response from donors contacted has been phenomenal…We have 116 new donors. The succinct explanation of “why” and “how” contacts produce best response from donor prospects. This is a blockbuster series, produced for effective fund raising, without the usual “sales pitch”. Thanks for making it possible to have information from those who are actually on the front lines and “walking the walk.”
    Val Walker

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