Event Fundraising Special

  • How would you like to raise more money and feel excited about doing it?

    Imagine getting results like these...

    • You raise 52% more money from your next event
    • You easily attract 20 new sponsors
    • You get board members that are enthusiastic about bringing people to your event

    Would you like to have results like that?

    You can.

    Whether your event is coming up soon, or you just had your event, let Shanon Doolittle show you how you can easily raise more money in the pre-event process, during the event, or in the post-event process.  You’ll learn how to lessen your workload, save time, and save money.

    Give Shanon a few minutes of your time, and she’ll show you how to bring in new sponsors, get board members excited, and explode your fundraising.  She will walk you through the strategies she uses to help grow the fundraising at hundreds of organizations. In one year alone, one of the organizations she helped went from raising $160,000 at their event to $282,000 the following year.  That's an increase of over 56%.

    You’ll discover simple strategies you can add to any event.

    These strategies are guaranteed to make your event more enjoyable for your donors and for you and your staff.  You’ll find that your stress level goes down and your fun level goes up.  :)

    You’ll also discover…

    • The quickest way to bring in more revenue
    • Shanon’s formula for crafting a powerful ask
    • How to get people signed up well in advance of your event
    • How to start transitioning your event to be more major donor focused
    • How to make your event materials stand out
    • 3 Simple ways to raise more money in the pre-event process
    • How to plan your event so it takes less of your time
    • How to go to your vendors and get lower rates (by as much as 25%)
    • How to use the momentum of your event to continue to raise money well after your event is over
    • How to pick the best person to make the ask
    • How to create a program that inspires people to make stretch gifts
    • 3 little ways to make your donors feel extra special
    • How and when to launch your event
    • How to use time based emails to generate more donations
    • What area to focus on in order to raise the most money
    • What data you need to analyze so you can plan an even better event next time
    • When to give your donors an impact report
    • How to make getting people to your event fun

    Pre-Event Fundraising

    Shanon walks you through the pre-event process making it easy for you to raise more money ahead of your actual event.

    You’ll learn how to make your event stand out and build excitement.

    You will learn simple strategies you can use to “Fun Up” your event for donors.

    Shanon will show you how to get your event started in your donor’s mailbox creating anticipation for your event.

    You’ll also learn what to do to get donors to rave about you and your event before your event even starts.

    Event Fundraising

    You’ve probably been to an event where a lot of work was put into the planning, but then when it came time to make the ask, the person asking blew it. Perhaps that’s happened to you. Shanon will show you how to have a perfect ask every time. No more losing sleep.

    You will learn how to structure your program so it’s highly engaging and inspires your donors to give more.

    Shanon gives you a program template to follow. It’s the same template she uses to reduce everyone’s “night of” stress, and to raise significantly more money. If you’re not following this template, you are losing out on money at your event.

    Post-Event Fundraising

    How would you like a solid plan for raising more money after your event?

    Shanon will walk you step by step through the post-event process showing you how to capture more donations and steward your event donors.

    With this easy to implement plan, you’ll not only retain your event donors longer, but you’ll also learn how to engage and get gifts from potential donors who couldn’t come to your event.

    Shanon makes this fun and extremely easy for you so your donors keep coming back to your events, year after year.

    Bring in NEW Sponsors

    How would you like more corporate sponsors for your event?

    With "Getting Sponsorships", you'll get five powerful strategies plus many tips for finding and bringing in more corporate sponsorships.

    Shanon Doolittle will show you how to find new sponsors and how to approach these sponsors. She'll even tell you what to say.

    You will learn how to get to the person in the company who can say “Yes” to you. You’ll also learn when the best time is to approach sponsors.  These tips will save you lots of time and energy.

    This DVD is only 15 minutes long, but jam packed with hard earned knowledge that is guaranteed to save you time and get you more sponsors.

    To help you get started, Shanon has also included 3 sponsorship worksheets on a separate CD. Print them out and use them to get more sponsors.

    Imagine having enthusiastic board members who actually have fun inviting and bringing people to your event.

    If you’d like to have your board be enthusiastic about inviting their friends to your event, bring the "Engaging board members in your event fundraising" DVD to your next board meeting.

    Shanon will talk with your board about their role in Event Fundraising.  Not only is she an event fundraiser, she’s also a board member.  She understands the reluctance of board members to ask their friends and colleagues to come to your event.

    However, Shanon has some proven tips and thoughtful strategies for getting board members to actually want to invite their friends.

    Follow her plan and you’ll see happier, more relaxed board members.  And you’ll see more people at your next event.

    These three DVDs will save you time, save you money, and you'll have more fun with your events.

    We want two things for you. First, for you to love your event. And second, for it to raise a ton of money. That’s why we’re offing a special price when you get all three DVDs.  We want to help you take your event from blah to tada!

    And for a limited time, you'll get this FREE bonus.


    “How to Secure High-Dollars Sponsorships”

    Is selling sponsorships your biggest challenge? We totally get it. That’s why you’ll receive a recording of Shanon’s highly rated “How to Secure High-Dollars Sponsorships” webinar she presented during Gail Perry’s Highly Profitable Fundraising Events series. You’ll learn a ton of practical tips you can immediately use to help you successfully sell more sponsorships.  You'll be able to immediately watch this webinar online.  It's located inside your member's area.

    There you have it!

    It's truly a mountain of event fundraising goodness that will have you raising more money and bringing in more sponsorships. Pick up a copy of these three DVDs and save up to $60.

    Click the "Add to Cart" button below.

    3 DVDs + 1 Resource CD, Length approx: 85 minutes
    © 2013 501 Videos, llc

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