Gift Catalogs Made Simple - Workshop and Training

Gift catalogs are like fundraising magic! 

They are a great way to raise more money without sending out another appeal. And they help educate donors about what your organization does.

Brings in extra donations

Gift catalogs can be sent in between your appeals and newsletters, so it’s additional revenue.  

Gift catalogs capture your donor's attention. And donors find them interesting to read. If you want to engage your donors this Fall, then send them a gift catalog.

Creating a gift catalog has never been easier

Steven Screen will personally help you create a custom gift catalog that you can send to your donors this fall.
He'll help you:

  • Find gift items for your catalog
  • Write descriptions for your gift items
  • Price your gift items
  • Design your catalog

4 hours = completed gift catalog

With Steven's help, it will take you about four hours to create a gift catalog.
In "Gift Catalogs Made Simple" there's:

  • 1 hour of pre-recorded training to get you started
  • 30 - 60 minutes of filling out the pre-workshop worksheets and gift catalog template
  • 2 hours of live workshop time with Steven where he answers your questions and helps turn your gift catalog into something that excites your donors and gets them to donate (this workshop is online and will be recorded)

You will leave the workshop and
training with a completed gift catalog

If you join Steven, you will leave the "Gift Catalogs Made Simple" workshop and training with a gift catalog completely written and designed.

You'll be able to take this gift catalog and send it to your donors. 

Steven will also show you how the funds you raise can be undesignated and unrestricted.  You'll learn what to say, and where you need to say it, so that you can raise undesignated funds while showcasing specific programs.

Bring in new donors

If you put your gift catalog online, you'll also raise more money AND bring in new donors.  Use social media to promote your online gift catalog.  This is a proven way to get people to share your gift catalog, raise money, and to promote your organization.

Gift catalogs work great for these types of organizations:

  • Arts & Culture

  • Education

  • Advocacy

  • Any Charity that has multiple programs
  • Social Services

  • Religious

  • Homeless

  • Seniors
  • Environmental

  • Health & Wellness

  • Animal

  • International NGO's


Workshop Date & Price

The workshop takes place on:

Aug. 24, 2022 at 10am Pacific Time

Once you sign up for "Gift Catalogs Made Simple", you will be sent a link to the training (which you can take anytime), and you'll be sent a link to the online workshop with Steven.

This price for the gift catalog workshop and training is:

Only $299 

This is a tiny investment for helping you create a completed gift catalog that will raise you additional revenue this Fall.

Sign up now and get started on creating your gift catalog.

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