Gratitude Camp

When:  Starts October 26th - Nov. 6th
Where:  In the comfort of your home or office (online)
Camp Counselors:  Shanon Doolittle and Beth Ann Locke
Main Website:


Are you tired of bringing on new donors only to see them leave? Are you worried that you're missing out on opportunities to say "thank you" in more meaningful ways?
You need Gratitude Camp.
Spend two weeks with us and turn donor appreciation into donor retention.
Learn the art and craft of handwritten notes. Dive into thank you call scripts that will have your donors swimming in appreciation. Hone the skills you need to hit the gratitude bullseye with your thank you letters.
Gratitude Camp is a gathering like no other.
We take the term "happy camper" seriously. It's why we've created a learning experience that you'll never forget.
Your camp fee includes: 

  • Video lessons delivered to your bunk (inbox) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share ideas, participate in daily gratitude challenges, and grow your own amazing network of gratitude champions
  • Weekly campfire calls (on Thursday each week) where you can get one-one-coaching to help you bait and tackle your biggest gratitude challenge

Still on the dock?

Here are the top 5 signs Gratitude School is for you

  1. You’re tired of boring ol’ thank you letters and know your donors are too
  2. You want fresh ideas + new techniques to tell donors you appreciate them
  3. You want to create thank you scripts that feel authentic + delightful
  4. You know donors deserve more appreciation and you want to give it
  5. You believe heartfelt gratitude makes the world a happier, better place

When donors make a gift, they may not be attached to your organization. Not yet anyway. And if donors are going to believe they belong with your charity, they need somebody to recognize their support and to heartfully say, “You are amazing. Really, truly amazing.”

You can be that somebody.

Gratitude Camp can show you how. Sign up today.

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