Helping Your Board Members - Special

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Get the support you need and raise more money.

If you're not getting the support you need from your board, or you're having trouble getting key ideas across to your board members, then you'll find these videos invaluable.

The videos average about 5 minutes each and are perfect for sharing at board meetings and volunteer trainings.

These Movie Monday's episodes have been requested again and again by other fundraising professionals (and even board members) to ignite conversation and create a common goal.


1. Empowering Your Board
2. Money and Perceptions
3. Helping Your Volunteers make the Ask (Part 1)
4. Helping Your Volunteers make the Ask (Part 2)
5. Helping Donors instead of Begging for Dollars
6. Leadership For a Healthy Organization
7. Failing to Make the Ask
8. A Great Way to Deepen Donor Relationships
9. The Wrong and Right Way to Steward Donors
10. Prejudging Donors and Not Making the Ask

If you'd like help getting your board to be more effective, then these videos and start watching them today. Click the add to cart button above.

Length approx: 50 minutes 

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