Book - If Only You'd Known

By Tom Ahern

Forget any conjecture you've heard. Ignore the anecdotal advice. At last you have airtight answers to 40 questions crucial to your fundraising success. In his book, If Only You'd Known, You Would Have Raised So Much More, Tom Ahern provides proof-positive answers to questions such as: How old is the typical donor? How long do donors stick around? How quickly should you thank a first-time donor? Should you include an ask in your thank-you letter? How often in a single appeal can you ask for a gift? How often can you ask without driving away donors? What's the best length for a direct mail letter? What is the number one reason you lose donors? Which sequence of gift amounts raises the most, smallest to largest or largest to smallest? In total, you'll find 40 definitive answers, each one world-sourced from top fundraising practitioners, creative agencies, and veteran researchers working in seven different countries. Ahern writes in his signature style: fast, friendly, funny, plain-talking ... even blunt when the occasion demands. And his incontestable findings are critical to small and big nonprofits alike.

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