Transform Your Board Into a Fundraising Force

Transform Your Board Into a Fundraising Force
The Essentials You Need to Know

by Kay Sprinkel Grace, 115 pp

Place a checkmark by the single most frustrating problem for nonprofit organizations:

__Overlong meetings

__Cramped quarters

__Deli platters

__Boards that won’t raise money

Granted, you may say “all of the above,” but the most frustrating problem has to be boards that won’t participate in fundraising, except to sell raffle tickets or bricks.

As someone who has worked with boards of all sizes for thirty years, Kay Sprinkel Grace has heard every fundraising excuse. Nevertheless, she is convinced you CAN transform your board into a fundraising force.

But certainly not by admonishing anyone.

Instead, when board members insist they’ll do anything but ask for money, your job is to identify and support what they will do.

Will they master the basic elevator speech and share it widely? Will they share their list of friends? Will they bring people to events? Will they accompany the CEO on a foundation visit? Will they participate in thank-you calling or gratitude committees to connect with donors?

In other words, if you are to increase your board’s fundraising prowess, you have to ensure your organization is accommodating to individual styles, and accepting of the contributions board members are willing to make.

As you do so, board members will engage more fully and their confidence and PQ – Passion Quotient – will begin to grow. And, according to Grace, passion is everything when it comes to board fundraising.

By the time you turn the last page of her book, you’ll be convinced that your board can be transformed by following the field-tested blueprint Grace sketches in her upbeat, step by step guide.

About the Author

Kay Sprinkel Grace is passionate about philanthropy and has devoted the last thirty years to the nonprofit sector, providing seminal thought, habit-breaking strategies, challenges to board and staff, and a new vocabulary of fundraising. Kay is a recipient of the Henry A. Rosso Medal for lifetime achievement in ethical fundraising from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, and in 2016 was in the first group of professionals to be named Distinguished Fellows by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

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