Turning Doubters into Donors

Turning Doubters Into Donors
How to Make a Compelling Case for Your Cause

by Tom Ahern, 189 pp

The central aim of Turning Doubters into Donors, Tom Ahern’s newest convention-breaking book, is to explore the mind of the typical donor and why exactly some people finally say: “YES! I will give….”

Among the most respected fundraising writers in the world, Ahern exposes the money-losing presumptions of bosses and boards. He debunks common (but wrong) notions like, "If we show people how great our programs are, they're sure to give us money."

He demonstrates how a cultural shift toward "donor love" inside your organization raises far more money immediately. Even a simple change — such as treating your donors as heroes — can double your income.

Ahern also takes you through the science of why emotions matter so much. You’ll discover, for instance, why neuroscientists recommend making your fundraising appeals to the heart first ... and why appealing to reason can actually suppress giving.

He openly shares with you his best "secrets for fundraising success" ... secrets learned from top experts around the world.

Whether you're writing your next appeal, redoing your website, preparing your next annual report ... or about to launch your next (maybe your first!) capital campaign ... you need a persuasive, open and shut case.

This book shows you how ... in fast, practical chapters written in Tom Ahern's signature entertaining style.

About the Author

Tom Ahern is considered one of the world’s top authorities on how to make donor communications more profitable. He is author of If Only You'd Known, You Would Have Raised So Much More, What Your Donors Want and WhySeeing Through a Donor’s Eyes, How to Write Fundraising Materials that Raise More Money, and Making Money with Donor Newsletters, all published by Emerson & Church. He collaborated with Adrian Sargeant and psychologist Jen Shang on prototyping innovative direct mail packages for PBS TV. As a “message strategist” he’s won three prestigious IABC Gold Quill awards, all for nonprofit communications campaigns that achieved unusual success.

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